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15.10.2011 16:29
TICKETMASTER - exchange for cancelled show Antworten

More and more theatres pass the handling of bookings to third parties.
This means refunds or exchange - if possible - needs to go through this third party.
While online booking is generally reasonable working, if you don't mind not being able to choose the seats yourself or the website crashes...
When problems occur I want to talk to a person to get things sorted and this is where bad customer service starts.
First you have to find the link to contact details, which leads as so often nowadays just to FAQ and when you put some time in you finally find a phone no. (service no. for T&Cs 0844847229 is out of service although printed on a ticket from the 26.9.2011) you end up with "Please choose from the following options" once you listened through that and made your choices you are asked to call a different no. 0844 499 9999, where finally after " Please choose ..." got to talk to somebody.

This increasing attempt of many companies to save staff should by no means encouraged. Who is paying for my time?
If they want my money (and with the massive price increases) there is no justification to make punters DO THEIR WORK.

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