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14.08.2010 16:46
Earthquakes in London (Cottesloe, NT, 2010) antworten

by Mike Bartlett

directed by Rupert Goold
Set designer Miriam Buether
Costume designer Katrina Lindsay
Lighting designer Howard Harrison
Music Alex Baranowski
Projection Design Jon Driscoll with Gemma Carrington
Choreographer Scott Ambler
Sound Designer Gregory Clarke
Company Voice Work Jeannette Nelson
Associate Director Caroline Steinbeis
Dramaturg Ben Power


premiered on the 4.8.2010 (11.8.2010)

approx. 3h, incl. 20min interval

CAST in order of speaking:
Young Robert: Brian Ferguson
Grace: Polly Frame
Freya: Anna Madeley
Steve: Geoffrey Streatfeild
Tom: Gary Carr
Jasmine: Jessica Raine
Sarah: Lia Williams
Simon: Tom Godwin
Colin: Tom Goodman-Hill
Supermarket Worker: Syrus Lowe
Casey: Maggie Service
Peter: Bryony Hannah
Businessman: Clive Hayward
Carter: Michael Gould
Mrs. Andrews: Anne Lacey
Roy: Tom Godwin
Daniel: Clive Hayward
Old Woman: Maggie Service
Young Man: Syrus Lowe
Robert: Bill Paterson
Barman: Clive Hayward
Receptionist: Polly Frame
Maryna: Lucy Mary Barker
Tim: Syrus Lowe
Sally: Maggie Service
Student: Clive Hayward
Liberty: Maggie Service
Jogger: Polly Frame
Doctor Harris: Clive Hayward


the stalls had been removed and replaced by a yellow S-shape stage. The audience ist seated alongsite it on bar stools. On the normal stage site and opposite there are small spaces on the first level with curtains to open for scenes. The location of the scenes is displayed by video projections against the walls.

the lives of three sisters and their families are shown over a generation from 1968 until 2025. Their scientist father feared the worst for the future of menkind and refused to welcome his children. While one daughter struggles as a politian with her former ideology, her out of work husband struggles to come to term with is life. Another sister is pregnant and refuses to accept her daughter to be while her husband seeks advise from his father-in-law in far Scotland. the third sister is a dancer and living a life of drugs and tries to sabotage her sister´s politian life.
It all escalates in the suizid of the pregnant sister on Waterloo brigde and a kind of dreamworld and myths where all pain has gone ...

The scenes are interspersed with song and dance routines of mothers with prams, pesdestrians etc.

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