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09.07.2016 21:20
@@@Threepenny Opera (Olivier, NT, 2016) antworten

By Bertholt Brecht (original lyrics) and Kurt Weill (original score) based on a translation by Elisabeth Hauptmann
in a new translation by Simon Stephens

NO SCRIPT AVAILABLE, NO RECORDING, at least live broadcast via NTlive on the 22.9.2016, BUT NO BROADCASTING IN GERMANY
directed by Rufus Norris

previews from 18.5.2016, 23.5.2016, press night 26.05.2016, 27.6.2016 (+platform),8.8.2016, 9.9.2016, 28.9.2016, 30.9.2016 until 1.10.2016 (in repertoire)

approx. 2h 50min/40min, 1 interval

Balladeer: George Ikediashi
Captain Macheath, aka Mack The Knife: Rory Kinnear
Jonathan Peacham: Nick Holder
Filch: Sarah Amankwah
Mrs. Celia Peacham: Haydn Gwynne
Polly Peacham: Rosalie Craig
Robert, AKA The Iceman: Dominic Tighe
Matthias, The Shadow: Jamie Beddard
Walter, AKA The Scholar: Andrew Buckley
Jimmy "Retail": Hammed Animashaun
Pastor Kimball: George Ikediashi
Chief Inspector "Tiger" Brown: Peter De Jersey
Jenny Diver: Sharon Small
Vixen: Toyin Ayedun-Alase
Betty: Rebecca Brewer
Ruby: Ricky Butt
Officer Smith: Matt Cross
Lucy Brown, Brown's daughter: Debbie Kurup
Ensemble: Mark Carroll, Conor Neaves, Wendy Somerville

Other parts are played by members of the Company

David Shrubsole (Music Director/piano/harmonium)
Andy Findon (Flute/piccolo/clarinet/soprano/alto & baritone saxophones)
Christian Forshaw (Clarinet/bassoon/soprano&tenor saxophones)
Sarah Campbell (Trumpet 1)
Richard Hart (Trombone/double bass)
Sarah Freestone (Banjo/cello/guitar/Hawaiian guitar/mandolin)
Martin Briggs (Timpani/percussion/trumpet 2)
Ian Watson (Bandoneon/harmonium)

Sarah Amankwah (Lucy Brown)
Toyin Ayedun-Alase (Jimmy/Betty/Smith)
Rebecca Brewer (Polly Peacham)
Ricky Butt (Celia Peacham)
Mark Carroll (The Balladeer/Jonathan Jeremiah Peacham/Pastor Kimball)
Matt Cross (Macheath)
George Ikediashi (Chief Inspector Brown)
Conor Neaves (Filch/Robert/Matthias/Walter)
Wendy Somerville (Jenny Diver/Vixen/Ruby)

27.6.2016: Note from NT: Because of the indisposition of Rebecca Brewer, the part of Betty is played at this performance by Toyin Ayedun-Alase, and that of Vixen by Wendy Somerville.

1. preview, one hour after dress rehearsal, Mack no mustache, no Wagnerian helmets, car needed to be pushed on stage at the end, Mack shot by King after knighting (change for press night), Mack couldn´t get into hand cuffs and then couldn´t get out, finally ripped chain from attachment and Mack run off with a shoulder shrugging to audience "what can I do?" with the audience laughing
2. now golden helmets, mustache, body bags (canon song)and Peachams "departments" now with bloodstains.
3. evening of platform: now no more killing of Mack (see NT platform interview with Rory Kinnear)
4. 8.8.2016: Rosalie´s little baby bump started to show although very well covered by the choice of costum, some climbing on the piano have been replaced by less risky standing behind the piano and less wild dancing with Rory in the (Barbara Song), Mack smokes e-cig in Brothel scene (From Top Back set, reaching with arms out to Jenny and later when watching fight starting)
5. 19.8.larger veil(?)at wedding night, increased groaning of Mack; In prison scene, robe got loose and Officer Smith had to attached it again (Matt Cross: one night there was not metal ring to attach it to and the Officer had to stand on it to allow Rory to keep going)
6. Rosalie more visible less active, Rosalie still climbing stairs and man hole (Peacham helps her up), stiff walking but less jumping and running. Absolute amazing that she can still has the breath to sing at the top of her voice. Jenny seemed to have temporarily issues with lower range (or mic) during Surabaya Johnny but complete recovered.
7. Mack starts dancing left, Polly towards right during Barbara song (remains tricky in later shows), hardly moves. Always wondered what happened to knife after Canon Song as such a large and solid item should show when Mack takes of jacket. This time he had problems to put it back in the sheath and the sheat in the jacket became visible when it fell to the floor.
8. Knife still a bit tricky but all went well.
9. Great show, but 2.time that a rather calm "you silly sausage" from Peacham to Jenny completely failed to cause laughter.
At the end only regular curtain call, but with some hesitation the audience started applauding for minutes until the stage manager called the staff back, some already had started to undress, taken the wig off (Lucy) and while half the cast made rather uncoordinated bows the missing arrived. Finally Rory Kinnear came back for two more bow.

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