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14.08.2013 23:48
In conversation with Rory Kinnear and Lyndsey Marshal (Olivier, 1.8.2013) antworten

hosted by Al Senter:

Notes: No guanranties ! Writing up notes after 2 weeks is a bad idea .

Lyndsey Marshal (Emilia, Iago's wife) admitted that she was surprised to be a soldier, while Rory (Iago)admitted that he had known about it for longer (jokes that having tea was a kind of "marriage councelling")
By making Emilia a soldier, Desdemonas stands more out says Lyndsey. Emilia is not mumsy to Desdemona, she is not putting her to bed as seen often seen in Othello.
Al Senter: Is it not depressing to play Iago? to which Rory replied that there is an absense of feeling. only in the last scene he shows for the first time selfreflection). Othello becomes the underling to Iago.
Asked about if the relationship between Emilia and Iago is an abusive one, Lyndsey refeered the the performance the evening before in which Rory lifts his hand as if to hit her. Al Senter makes to connection between the misogyny in the play and the trolls on twitter attacking female poster.

Typical for Shakespeares characters that the determined by previous events before.
S greater trust as two equal weights (??)[I believe he was referring to the importance of Othello versus Iago]

Lyndsey explained that she had no acting bonds, but she startet in the Manchester Youth centre. She did A-levels in Classics and English Drama. She went to drama school in Cardiff and was cast while still there for a play at the Royal court (?).
Bosten Marriage with Zoe Wanamaker and Anna Chancellor: She was invited to Zoe but a flat mate hadn't passed on invitation and she got a scary call from Zoe about her whereabouts.
Her more recent screen part was Cleopatra in Rome, which was met with criticism as she does not resemble Liz Taylor.

Rory was asked about his new sitcom "Count Arthur Strong": He enjoys the idea not making the decision who one wants to be.
Regarding Othello he "would like to apologize to people who saw the showat the beginning as it is richer at the end" [of the run]. Everything Iago says to someone on stage is a lie. People lie rarely in soliloquy.
He confirmed that he IS NOT the new Doctor Who.

When asked about the new drama "Southcliffe" he describes it about the effects of tragedy in a small town. With his debut play soon premiering at the Bush Theatre he told the audience that he wanted to explore the theme for a long time. The first draft came to life when his partner told him to write it and not to talk about it. So he went for 2 weeks to the Lake District during a break of a play at the NT encouraged by Howard Davies who is known for a rather discouraging approach. When Rory finally send it of to the Bush Theatre he hesitently left Howard Davies a message asked if he could consider directing it: "Loved to do it" was his text message replied.

Lyndsey spoke about her experience for appearing in a Clint Eastwood Film, filmed in Elephant & Castle. He made no auditioning and was very polite and shy. He does not say "action" as this would create unneccessary tension. When a group of producers incl. Steven Spielberg came to watch she had to improvise for 20 minutes.

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