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08.08.2010 02:20
The Tempest (Old Vic, The Bridge Project, 2010) antworten

By William Shakespeare

directed by Sam Mendes
set designer by Tom Piper
Costumes by Catherine Zuber
Lighting by Paul Pyant
Sound by Simone Baker for Autograph
Hair und Wig design by Tom Watson
Fight direction by Rick Sordelet
Music by Mark Bennett
Choreography by Josh Prince
Music direction by Stephen Bentley-Klein
International Tour Producer Claire Béjanin

after New York and a world tour from 18.6. 2010 at the Old Vic until 21.08.2010.(7.8.2010)

approx. 2h 15, no interval

Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan: Stephen Dillane
Ariel, a spirit: Christian Camargo
Caliban, a slave: Ron Cephas Jones
Boatswain: Ross Waiton
Alonso, King of Naples: Jonathan Lincoln Fried
Gonzalo, an honest old Councellor: Alvin Epstein
Sebastian, brother of the King of Naples: Richard Hansell
Antonio, Prospero's brother, the usurping Duke of Milan: Michael Thomas
Miranda, daughter to Prospero: Juliet Rylance
Ferdinand, son to the King of Naples: Edward Bennett
Adrian, a Lord: Aaron Krohn
Trinculo, a jester: Anthony O'Donnell
Stephano, a drunken butler: Thomas Sadoski
Iris: Michelle Beck
Ceres: Jenni Barber
Juno: Ashlie Atkinson
Spirits and Mariners: Members of the company
Music Direction: Stephen Bentley-Klein
Musician: Shane Shanahan


In very short:

Set on an Island:

Usurpated Duke of Milan Prospero and daughter Miranda had been shipwrecked on the island 12 years ago.
They are accompanied by the spirit Ariel and mutant villainous Caliban, who had been saved by Prospero and had been made servants.

As a magician Propero learns about the returning wedding party passing by closely:
his brother and now Duke of Milan Antonio,
King Alonso of Naples who helped Antonio overturning Prospero´s government,
Alonso´s brother Sebastian,
Alonso´s son Ferdinand,
and Alonzo´s advisor Gonzalo

Prospero creates with Ariels help a storm to shipwreck the wedding party on the island and split them in three groups (all others are made fall asleep):

a)Ferdinand finds his safe way quicky to Miranda and they fall in love immediately -> Prospero is delighted but wants to tests Ferdinand's honesty and forces him to serve him at first until he finally agrees to their marriage.

b)Antonio, Alonso, Sebastian, Gonzalo et al. -> Antonio and Sebastian try to kill Alonso and Gonzalo to make Sebastian King of Naples, but are caught in the act, Ariel interferes. They learn about Prospero's presence on the island and make their way to him.

c)Jester Trinculo and drunken butler Stephano meet Caliban who persuades them to plan to kill Prospero, but later they are too terrified of spirits to pursue the murder.

All meet in the end: Alonso learns that his lost son is alife and going to marry Miranda on their return in Naples, he is forgiven as Antonio and Sebastian are. After preparing the weather for a safe ship's voyage home Ariel finally is set free and Prospero destroys his magic devices.
He asked the audience to set him free with their applause.

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