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23.12.2009 04:07
Darker Shores (Hampstead Theatre, 2009) antworten

by Michael Punter

directed by Anthony Clark

from 4.12.2009 (not as planned from 3., Mark Gatiss had to be replaced days ahead of the first preview), (21.12.2009), until 16.1.2010

Designer: Paul Farnsworth
Lighting Designer: Tim Mitchell
Video and Projection Designer: Thomas Gray for The Gray Circle
Sound Designer: Edward Lewis
Illusionists: Ben Hart and Darren Lang
Costume Supervisor: Lally Broome
Dialect Coach: Penny Dyer
Assistent Director: Drew Mulligan
Special Effect: Oliver Izod

Tom Beauregard: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Professor Gabriel Stokes: Tom Goodman-Hill
Mrs. Hinchcliffe: Pamela Miles
Florence Kennedy: Vinette Robinson


A spooky play about a haunted house in Sussex, where a housekeeper and her maid - single mum -
try to rent out the house to keep it running. A Professor Stokes is trying to find out what it is
about the noises in the house. He tells the story an American clairvoyent and asked him to come
along to the house on the sea to find out what is going on. He is vexed by memories of his drowned
son and wife who died on sea fifteen years ago. They finally find out why the house of a former
missionary is haunted.

Scary moments and funny lines prove great entertainment. Although not everz motivation of the
characters are entirely plausible, great performances and an fantastic set and technical department
make the most of the script.

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